24 August, 2006

Standing on Holy Ground

How often do we forget that when we come to worship (whether private, family, or public) we are entering into communion with the true and living God. Too frequently we allow our thoughts to wander to the things of this world and we refuse to train our hearts and our minds to focus and to come before Him with grace in our hearts.

How much would backslidings and faint-heartedness cease if we would be aware of our standing on Holy Ground.

When we come to a sermon, or when we take the Bible in our hands to read, God cites and summons us...His majesty is present therewith, and we are present in His sight. -John Calvin


lloyd said...

I was recently reading Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell (if you haven't read it for yourself, it's as bad or worse then people say), and "standing on Holy ground" is one of the phrases/concepts he use a lot. He seems to find "Holy ground" every where in this world, except for in God's Word or private, family, or public Worship.

Droll Flood said...

Those who approach God on their own terms of logical necessity will not consecrate worship on His terms. Those people view themselves as 'god' and they dictate who does what to whom how and when. When we approach the LORD we do so only because Christ's work makes us to will and want what He says.

Why, yes this does directly tie into our principles of worship...

"Come as you are"
-Judas! Are you nuts?! I can't stand to be in the presence of the Living God apart from Christ's imputed righteousness for the smallest fraction of a second. Even my prayers of repentance to God are bathed in Christ's righteousness.