10 August, 2006

Some new blogs

Eva Lemmon? has added another blog to her already hard-to-beat blogging.

Droll has decided to rejoin us with another attempt at blogging. I hope that he does well..he has great things to say.

Loretta has made another attempt at blogging as well. After an incident of blogging about work while at work...has she learned her lesson?

Are there any other new good blogs that I should check out? What was that new Joe Schelling address? Leave a comment about a blog that you think that I may be interested in and if I like it I will put it on my blogroll.


lloyd said...

I'd recommend a friend of mines blog, if you haven't seen it before. It is:


Sorry I'm not computer savvy enough to make it into a link on here.

Joe Schelling said...


Only family issues. I have a different outlook on blogging now