06 April, 2011

Ever Compare the Wicked and the Righteous?

There are many comparisons in the Scriptures between the righteous and the wicked. Below is a chart that compares the wicked with the righteous in the 37th Psalm. As we look over the chart and think about David's discussion (a sung discussion, mind you), we quickly are confronted with the fact that many of these things are not actualized in the Christian experience.

  • How many from our list are present realities?
  • How many from our list are generalized truths (like proverbs)?
  • How many from our list are eschatological?
  • What word (from the chart) would you use to summarize the wicked?
  • What word would you use to summarize the righteous?
  • Where is Jesus in this list?

The Wicked

The Righteous

What He Does/Should Do:

  1. Will fade and die
  2. Plot against the righteous.
  3. Gnash teeth at righteous
  4. Draws swords and bends bows.
  5. Attempt to bring down the poor and needy.
  6. Attempt to slay those who are upright.
  7. Has abundance (in this life)
  8. Will perish.
  9. Vanish like smoke
  10. Borrows and does not pay back.
  11. Is cursed by God
  12. Watch for the righteous and seeks to put him to death.
  13. Spreads himself like a green laurel
  14. Becomes “no more”

  1. Fret not because of evildoers.
  2. Do not be envious of wrongdoers.

3. Trust in the Lord

  1. Do good.
  2. Delight in the Lord
  3. Be still before the Lord
  4. Wait patiently for him
  5. Fret not over the one who prospers
  6. Fret not over the one who carries out evil
  7. Refrain from anger
  8. Forsake wrath.
  9. Fret not
  10. Will inherit the land
  11. Will inherit the land.
  12. Will delight in peace.
  13. Has little (but it’s better)
  14. Heritage will remain forever
  15. Not put to shame
  16. Have abundance in famine (compare 16).
  17. Is generous and gives.
  18. Blessed by the Lord
  19. Will inherit the land (third time saying it).
  20. Delights in the Lord
  21. Falls but is not cast away.
  22. Their children do not beg bread
  23. Lends generously
  24. His children become a blessing
  25. Turns from evil
  26. Does good
  27. Will dwell forever (in the land- 4th).
  28. Are preserved of God.
  29. Inherit the land (5th time)
  30. Dwell upon the land forever
  31. Their mouths utter wisdom
  32. Their tongue speaks justice
  33. Law is in his heart
  34. Steps do not slip

34. Waits for the Lord and keeps his way.

  1. Has a future.

40. Take refuge in God.

What God Does (directly or through providence):

  1. Will be cut off
  2. Will make them “no more”
  3. Laughs at the wicked.
  4. Sees the wicked’s day coming.
  5. Slay wicked with own sword.
  6. Break their bows.
  7. Break their arms.
  8. Cuts off the wicked
  9. Will cut off their children
  10. Shall altogether be destroyed

38. Shall be cut off

  1. Give you the desires of your heart.
  2. Act.
  3. Bring forth righteousness as light.
  4. Bring forth justice.
  5. Upholds the upright
  6. Knows the day of the blameless
  7. Establishes their steps
  8. Upholds their hand
  9. Does not forsake them.
  10. Loves justice
  11. Will not forsake his saints
  12. Will not abandon them to the wicked.
  13. Will not let them be condemned.
  14. Will exalt the righteous to inherit the land (6th time).
  15. Gives salvation
  16. Is a stronghold in times of trouble.
  17. Helps and delivers them.
  18. Delivers

40. Saves