15 August, 2006

The Approachability of the Lord Jesus Christ

Many people make excuses about why they do not approach the Lord in prayer. Some feel as though they are not 'Christian' enough to approach Christ yet. They desire to approach him, but they want to renovate their own lives first. This is a tragedy in thinking.
Others desire to approach Christ, but they feel as though their problems are insufficient to approach the Throne Room of Grace. They think that Jesus is more concerned with greater matters than they can supply.
Friends, the doors of Grace have been opened wide for all kinds of sinners. Walk through them and receive the grace and the healing that you desire.

Dear reader, what is your state? Are you feeble in prayer? Are you tired in prayer? And yet, is there anything of real want, of real desire in the heart? Is it so? Then draw near to God. Thy frame will not be more favorable tomorrow than it is today. You will not be more acceptable or more welcome at any future period than at this moment. Give yourself unto prayer. I will suppose your state to be the worst that can be, your frame of mind the most unfavorable, your cross the heaviest, your corruption the strongest, your heart the hardest; yet betaking yourself to the throne of grace, and with groanings that cannot be uttered, opening your case to the Lord, you shall adopt the song of David, who could say in the worst of frames, and in most pressing times, 'But I give myself unto prayer' (Ps.109.4) ~Octavius Winslow, 1808-1878


Anonymous said...

Where does such a prayer come from that would be acceptable in God's eyes?

How is it they could even pray that way?

How could belief in Christ by humans can ever meet His standards of holiness?

How could it be that He would hear the prayers of the wicked?

How would they even want to do so on God's terms?

Mark said...

My old pastor once made the point that it's the times we feel least like praying that we ought to pray the most. Which involves a lot of discipline - and faith. Excellent post.

Droll Flood said...

"...we feel least like praying that we ought to pray the most."

-Would it not depend on the fountain head of those feelings?

-Are there times you need to be doing something else or pray without ceasing means (fill in the blank)?

The Director said...

Thank you for this post Nate. It was a blessing!