17 August, 2006

Free Will Hymnology

'Rabbi' John Duncan, a staunch Presbyterian and much loved missionary to the Jews of Budapest, once said of the hymns of Charles Wesley,
I have a great liking for many of Wesley's hymns, but when I read some of them, I ask, 'What's become of your free-will now, friend?'


Gavin said...

I'm also a huge fan of Wesley's hymns, as well as Watts. With material that good, it's surprising he was an Arminian.

Droll Flood said...
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Droll Flood said...

On a slightly different note,
how about reading "Amazing Grace"'s words and then scratching your head at why so many evangelicals sing it who deny the doctrine contained within it.

To maybe throw this out before it is brought out by a more insistent exclusive psalmist, what of the "free-will" in worship that is expressed in the allowance of stuff in the worship service that is not commanded by God? Or exclusive psalmody that is touted by people apart from flowing from the new creation in Christ?