07 August, 2006

Catechism 101

Training children in theological education can be tough for most Christians. It is especially the duty of the father, although in our culture the mother is usually the spiritual head.

In my family, the Children's Catechism has been a helpful place to start with our two children who are under 3 years-old. Soon we will begin the Shorter Catechism, but as children who do not have well-developed verbal skills- we start with the children's catechism.


Jonathan Moorhead said...

Nathan, thanks for the link to the children's catechism. I need to do that with my boys.

Droll Flood said...

IS there a catechism that has for its organizing principle scripture rather than specific confessions?

By the way, I'm back at the helm.

Shout it from the mountain tops. Now if only I can get my images to post with texts...