18 August, 2006

A Scottish Christian Heritage

I must say that I am excited to begin this book. The forward has even gotten me excited!

From the forward:
To have books is not the same, however, as reading them. It is not only books that need to be handed on. Continuing testimony to their worth is no less needed, and I hope this volume will be a help to that end.
These pages are not principally about books. The theme is rather people and movements; yet the books from those times bring the abiding spiritual lessons to us and prevent the history becoming an excercise in nastalgia. The best Christian books never leave us as mere spectators. As one of these authors once advised a friend, 'Study the Spirit's work for the purpose of experiencing it.'

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Jonathan Moorhead said...

Yes, this does look a great read. They finally have it on Amazon, so now I can put it on my wish list!