17 August, 2006

In ___ We Trust

Have you ever wondered about all of those 'forwards' that people send you asking you to sign a petition to keep In God We Trust on the penny? Or the one about the woman who dies after jumping out of her car to meet Jesus in the rapture? Or the one that tells of the Koran predicting the American military cleansing the lands of Allah? You can read up on all of the great amounts of religious trash that circles the internet and see for yourself what is true or untrue.


Mark said...

Whoa. That's a lot of red. I can't believe anybody thought Hell was under Siberia... it's right here in Michigan. Noobs.

Anonymous said...

Mike, a missionary serving in Africa, is about to be hanged for the accidental death of a predestinarian.? (I bet its one of those Arminian "Evangelists")

"Scientists drilling in Siberia punch through to Hell."

I guess Hell is a fun place, I bet the Scientists are looking for a Disco Down TheRe (DDR - Disco Dance Revolution)