28 August, 2006

Bills From Books

I just purchased most of my books for this semester. (95%). My total cost was $659.70. This price is high, but it is not as outrageous as undergraduate book prices. Each book that I purchased today will be added to my pastoral library which will prove to be one of my greatest resources after ordination.

When I was doing my undergraduate studies I had a math class that I dropped within the first 2 weeks of class. When I took the $90 book back to the bookstore they informed me that they would not be using this text next year and they refused to buy it back. I left it on the counter with the attendant and left. There is no time in my life ever that I would need this book. The price that one pays for undergraduate books is out of control!

Lydia had a Human Anatomy book that she used in one of her undergraduate courses. She sold it on eBay for about $70 to recover some of the cost. We did not insure this item and it got lost. Not only did we lose the book, we had to pay that girl her $70 back. Double whammy.

I still at am ease about the cost of my books today. Building a good theological library is quite important to me. It is a catalyst for the reading of sound theological literature. $670...Wow.


Droll Flood said...

For what books? (Please cite)

Penumbra said...

Great quote:

"Some day your going to realize you just blew $50,000 on an education you could have gotten for a 25 cent library card."

Name the movie.

James w. Lanning said...

it makes perfect sense, though. nobody but college kids will by the stupid book, so it's a supply and demand issue.

Notliberal said...

I had a Constitutional Law book that cost something like $120. The sad thing is that the prof could have just given us case citations and let us print the cases off of Westlaw, which we got to use for free.

Droll Flood said...

"Name the movie."
-'With Honors'? (Joe Peschi?)

Droll Flood said...

or "Finding Forrester"
-Sean Connery

Penumbra said...

"Good Will Hunting"

gretchenjohnson said...

my library card was free

Penumbra said...

http://books.google.com/ is free, too (at least the "full view" public domain books).

Anonymous said...


Except wasn't the quote closer to

you dropped a 150 grand on a [explitive deleted] education you could got for a dollar fifty in late charges at the public library.


Wouldn't it be more correct to say, "nobody but [stupid] college kids will by[sic] the [] book."

Ellie said...

I appreciate the books you have purchased for me and am grateful for the spiritual growth that is the result. Do you suppose that some of Gods mansions in heaven are libraries? Or maybe bookstores that do not charge. If your books are a tool for your spiritual growth and knowledge of such then you have not been exploited!I had a word about you at the evening service. "Bringing Christ to the Workplace!" Your already doing this on an individual basis. Imagine the result if it was organization wide!!!! Every unit should have an area for prayer and meditation,etc.We could have on going Spiritual Care and education for employees.The potential is endless, I think we should get a group of employees involved and write up a plan/program. I believe the funding is there if we pursue it! Comments? We must believe if we are to receive! Ellie