30 April, 2006

Lord's Day a' Brakel: Christian Diligence

Diligence is an ornament to the Christian, and it removes the slanderous accusation which worldly citizens make concerning the godly: that they frequent all church services, catechism lessons, lectures, and meetings (going from the one to the other), while neglecting their calling, not giving attention to their families, and being lazy. Citizens of the world think much of diligence and have little use for godliness. You, however, ought to conjoin them, so that everyone may be convinced that godliness renders people both diligent and upright. You will thus be an ornament to the church of God, put those to shame who slander godliness, and stir up others (IV: 110).


Anonymous said...

They who fail to provide for their families are worse than unbelievers and are a blight on Christ's name. Those who proclaim themselves to be Christian and among the elect and don't show the fruit of salvation in thankful God-glorifying living according to God's law have a faith that is absolutely WORTHLESS (excrement is worth more, it can at least be used to fertilize plants).

We absolutely must live above reproach that those who try to malign Christ's grace in our lives show themselves ashamed.

All obedience presupposes saving that individual. Those for whom Christ died WILL and MUST produce good works. God never spoke "let there be light", and then there was none...'

gretchenjohnson said...

I like this picture much better

Ellie said...

This can be accomplished with Gods help.We must be joyful also as we worship God with our entire being.