16 April, 2006

Lord's Day Dose of a'Brakel

[E]veryone ought to have his private exercises of prayer, which are either prompted by extraordinary circumstances or are commonly conducted…. if we are neglectful in this, we hall perceive that communion with God will decrease. At first we shall not be aware of this, since there will be many ejaculatory prayers during the course of the day. We shall experience, however, that there will be a gradual decrease in ejaculatory prayer, and if we by renewal adhere to regular devotions, we shall perceive how far we have degenerated. Then we shall perceive that there was not such a steadfast basis for intimate communion with God, that there were no extraordinary encounters and illuminations relative to the mysteries of godliness. Yes, we shall perceive that the Spirit of prayer has departed from us and that of ourselves we are not capable to engage in fellowship with God for some period of time. Therefore he who desires to be in an assured state, to have continual fellowship with God, to attain to a higher level of illumination and experience, and to fear God steadfastly, let him strictly observe his devotional time and let him not be neglectful in this--for the devil greatly strives to bring this about (III: 465).

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Anonymous said...

Don't let the devil get a foothold, he won't just settle
for a mere foothold.

The affairs of the world will choke you out in your devotion to the Lord. They too, will not be satisfied until they own the whole board which is your life.