13 April, 2006

How Relevant Are the Confessions Today?

Westminster Into the 21st Century is a project headed up by Ligion Duncan III which will be a four volume set from modern theologians which show the relevancy of the Confession. The title is a bit deceiving since it also has articles concerning the Shorter Catechism, Larger Catechism, and some doctrines which are debatable yet confessional.

Some of the debatable articles include topics such as the Eschatology of the Assembly, The Scot's view of Establishment, and even one on the term "psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs'.

There are two of the four volumes that are available at this time. I got my copy of volume two on Tuesday and by Tuesday evening my pastor had me convinced that he needed to borrow it for the article on the theology of the Larger Catechism!


edwardseanist said...

I purchased the first two volumes about five months ago. They are wonderful because you can just pick a chapter and read it. You don't have to read the whole thing to get the context since it is a compilation of diferent articles.

shawn said...

LOL. You know I remember going over to a certain minister's home, and when seeing a copy of the first edition on his desk I asked him, "so is this any good?".

He replied, "Read the original Westminster Theologians. They're much better. Why go to the interpreters when you can go to the source.

Still, I think it would be "interesting" to see what they say.

Nate said...

I too agree that we should be ad fontes Christians. But we are also dealing with a culture that does not read and especially one that does not read 17th century material!

I see these in the same way that JI Packer is to the Puritans. These may whet the appetite to dive deeper into the realm of Westminster research.

I am very satisfied to see that they ARE relevant for today's Christians!

As for that minister...he must be nuts! :)