10 April, 2006

Anne Bradstreet and National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month (like anyone really cares). Anne Bradstreet was one of the earliest "American" poets, but many of her poetry remained undiscovered for years. She was a Puritan woman who served Christ and loved Him deeply which is evident by her many poems that have published. She also speaks to those that are lonely of heart as well seeing that her husband, Governor Simon Bradstreet was often away on political business. In recognition of National Poetry Month, pick up a copy of her poems so that you can be refreshed in your love and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ.
In my distress I sought the Lord
When naught on earth could comfort give,
And when my soul these things abhorred,
Then, Lord, Thou said'st unto me, "Live."

Thou knowest the sorrows that I felt;
My plaints and groans were heard of Thee,
And how in sweat I seemed to melt
Thou help'st and Thou regardest me.

My wasted flesh Thou didst restore,
My feeble loins didst gird with strength,
Yea, when I was most low and poor,
I said I shall praise Thee at length.

What shall I render to my God
For all His bounty showed to me?
Even for His mercies in His rod,
Where pity most of all I see.

My heart I wholly give to Thee;
O make it fruitful, faithful Lord.
My life shall dedicated be
To praise in thought, in deed, in word.

Thou know'st no life I did require Longer
than still Thy name to praise,
Nor ought on earth worthy desire,
In drawing out these wretched days.

Thy name and praise to celebrate,
O Lord, for aye is my request.
O grant I do it in this state,
And then with Thee, which is the best.


edwardseanist said...

Nice new look. I can't wait till the snow melts away.

lydia said...

The look is too girlie for you, Nathan.

Nate said...

The new look is for Spring and celebration of the fact that this is MY year to have a VERY green lawn with no weeds. It is called Dominion Theology. :)

The look is for a week..not sweat my pet.

edwardseanist said...

Come on Nate, be a girlieman =)

Notliberal said...

I hate poetry.

John W. Sikma said...

Oh most definately man! I will for sure invite you for our next gig! It wasn't all that great though, we did pretty bad... heehee... but it was fun. No, sorry. Even if i continued to blog I wouldn't have any more ideas like i did before :( I kinda lost my sense of humor too... yeah, it's sad. so peace my friend

tam said...

is she plagiarizing some psalms her? awfully familiar.

Mark said...

If she plagiarized, she couldn't have picked a finer text to take from. But my guess is that she simply knew the Psalms very well. Good poem regardless.