09 April, 2006

Lord's Day Feature: a'Brakel on the Spiritual Life

A true prayer is originated by the Holy Spirit…. Under the administration of the means of grace he learns that the Holy Spirit is the author of prayer, and he learns from the Word of God that he must pray God for the Holy Spirit. By means of these natural convictions and motions the Holy Spirit works in the elect the inclination to pray and shows them that they neither have the right prayerful disposition, the right desires, nor do they express them correctly. The Holy Spirit will show them that He must work all this in them and that therefore they must pray for the Holy Spirit. They are thus secretly wrought upon to pray for the Spirit, and are therefore already praying for the Spirit by the Spirit. Those who presently perceive in themselves the beginnings of the operation of the Spirit will pray that this might be increased by the Spirit (III: 452-453).

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Ellie said...

I have been praying for the Holy Spirit to work in myself and my family members. This promotes wonderful comunication with God the Father. It also points me to the reality God is in control of all things. My reliance is on him!! Thanks be the The Ancient of Days!!!