28 April, 2006

Reason Number 546,236

Here is reason number 546,236 not to use the public school systems.


I am going to homeschool! said...

Ha. I was just thinking about the wonderful public school system, as today I had transcribed a report on a patient whose mother graduated high school but was unable to READ. Tell me, how does one graduate and not be able to READ?????

oops said...


? said...

I'm honestly suprised that Gay cigarettes, Gay wine, and Gay cheese haven't been marketed. The lives of these depraved individuals revolves around their inflamed lusts. Goes to show us that presuppositions are pervasive through the whole man.
Gay cigarettes: you smoke the filter?
Gay cheese: you eat the wax?
Gay wine: you drink the cork?

Penumbra said...

"Lexington school superintendent Paul Ash said the schools have no agenda..."
No wonder people graduate without learning how to read. The schools have no educational agenda! It's about spending money.