02 August, 2007

Going to the Creation Museum this Sabbath....What?

This is Lydia.

Here is a response that Nathan emailed to World Magazine regarding their recent article on the new Creation Museum. I will post it, because I think it brings up a very good point, and since he is unable to blog, heh, I will do so for him.

Ken Ham focuses on problems in society stemming from evolutionary thoughts and views--and not taking Genesis literally. While I agree with Ken, and appreciate the work he has done and is doing, I pray he also will recognize the importance of the Sabbath Day and the impact of not keeping the Sabbath holy on society. Nathan summed this up in the last paragraph of his letter.

Exd 20:8 "Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy."

Isa 58:13 "If thou turn away thy foot from the sabbath, [from] doing thy pleasure on my holy day; and call the sabbath a delight, the holy of the LORD, honourable; and shalt honour him, not doing thine own ways, nor finding thine own pleasure, nor speaking [thine own] words."

Dear Editor,

I just received my latest World Magazine, which is always an anticipated day at the mail box! I was interested in the article, Museum With A Message about the Creation Museum that Mr. Ham has established.

What amazes me most about this museum is that despite the focus on a literal 6 day creation (which is a great purpose for a museum), Mr. Ham seems to have forgotten what occurred on the 7th day! The Museum is in violation of the 4th commandment as they work on the Sabbath and charge fees for entrance on the Sabbath day. A Christian museum that calls itself a ministry should not be open on the Lord's Day, and especially with fees over $20 per adult. If they want to make an impact on society, they would make a stand on 6 days of creation and one day of Sabbath rest. Hebrews 4:9 says that there remains a Sabbath for the people of God.

There will be no societal impact when the world looks on and says, 'Its business as usual at the Creation Museum.' Obedience to the Word is what an unbelieving society needs to see, not obedience to part of it!

Nathan Eshelman


Mist said...

We saw the same thing and couldn't believe it. This is so contrary to the whole point of the museum. Our boys have been waiting and excited for the museum to open. Then I saw the add "Open 7 days a week" and was shocked.

steveandjanna said...

Oy vey. What's the point in having this museum if they aren't going to honor the Sabbath? For people who claim to be all about Genesis and 6 day creation, it's utterly ridiculous to then forget the 7th day in which the Lord rested.

Mark said...

Ah... I'm fairly certain that their being open on Sunday doesn't mean they're any less committed to six-day creation. It's not right that they're open on Sunday, of course, and it does distract from what is by all accounts a wonderful place. (I have the utmost respect for my source.)

For what it's worth, I've seen some of the world's response to the Creation Museum, and they're enraged. It's rather sad to see the wicked spew such hate, but it's to be expected. But I don't think any of them were bringing up the Sabbath issue.

The Creation Museum should be called to repentance on this issue, but we would all do well to remember that we each violate the commandments in our daily walk. Thankfully, that doesn't make us pointless, nor does the CMs shortcomings make it pointless. They've already had 100,000 visitors, hopefully they'll continue to grow in a God-honoring way. Worth praying for, at any rate.

nleshelman said...

I am sure that it is a great place. Mr. P affirms that it was a great place to visit.

It is very sad though that they violate the Lord's Day out rightly. This is not a violation of personal conscience, but outright violation.

Example, Some Sabbath keepers are offended when people grill on the Sabbath, okay... I am not. But that is a point of conscience. Buying and selling is punishable by death in the Sabbath laws. I am sure that is obvious that we are not to buy and sell on the Lord's Day.

I hope that Mr. Ham does repent publicly. That would make a HUGE impact on Christians and Non-Christians alike!

As for the media outcry- they are outraged because they hate Christ and his Word. They would be more angry with a public stand upholding the 4th commandment!

DROLLORD said...

On a lawful tangent, when was the last time anyone heard of a person going under church discipline for violation of the Sabbath?

Drollord said...

Buying and selling is punishable by death in the Sabbath laws.

Isn't gathering wood for fires,too? And violating the sabbath by collecting manna?

MarkPele said...

Perhaps they think of the museum as an act of mercy? Although I'm not sure that mercy should come at such a price!

MarkPele said...

Nathan, I'm also not sure what the implications of the Sabbath are today. While I believe that "there still remains a Sabbath rest", I'm not so sure that we treat it in the same way as the Jews did. For example, why don't you have problems with people who grill (kindling a fire)? Is it appropriate for me to stay in a hotel or let someone cook me breakfast on the Sabbath? Should Covfamikoi use the facilities over the Sabbath?

I'm not trying to merely stir up controversy on this one, I think it really is something that I and others don't understand. (Even after reading the Shorter and Larger Catechisms).

Mark said...

Just to be clear, I'm not making an argument that the CM violating the Fourth Commandment is somehow OK. All I'm saying is that the whole thing shouldn't be written off because of it.

The last thing the reactionaries I read were thinking about was the Fourth Commandment. They were too busy expressing shock that people would still believe in Creationism and trying to figure out ways to outlaw it. Seriously.

nleshelman said...

I agree Mark, we should not throw the dinosaur out with the bathwater.

Paul said...

Why do people asume that everyone's Sabbath is on Sunday? Should a museum close on one of it's most profitable days because of a rigid sense of the law? You have a good point that things appear a little off but the bigger question should be, "Do they allow a Sabbath for their employees or just work them when ever?"

nleshelman said...

The New Testament Lord's Day is the Sabbath since the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. This was followed in the book of Acts as well as we see this from the Apostle John in Revelation.

The Old Covenant people looked ahead to the coming of Messiah and met the last day of the week. The New Covenant looks back on the promise and meets on the first day of the week, the day in which the Lord Jesus was raised from the dead.

Paul said...

I'm not trying to dispute that, I just think that we have to be carefull pointing a finger when it is possible that the benefits might outweigh the negatives in this situation.

nleshelman said...

I do not believe in situational ethics. I believe that what God has said is right or wrong is right or wrong.

MarkPele said...

Sin isn't a weight, it's something that is in opposition to God. I can't say that something "wrong" is pleasing to God because of something "right" that seems more important. In other words, it's not alright to steal shoes to give to my mother. God makes it possible for us to live our lives in a way that is completely pleasing to Him. We can't rationalize sin, no matter how much we may want to.

Stephen said...

Well done, Nathan!