16 August, 2007

Missio Ecclesia

I have a Christian education meeting tomorrow for my congregation. I am the chairperson of the committee. We have been asked to provide a mission statement for Christian education in the Sabbath School program. I will post mine tomorrow in the comments section if it approved. I am wondering if you all would give your ideas for what makes for good Christian education in the church of Jesus Christ?


DROLLORD said...

Why the mission statement? How is the Sabbath School program set up? What do you do in this S.S.?

steveandjanna said...

How about: APR-GR, where we let parents decide how to educate their children in the faith.

On another note, why are you using the politically correct term 'chairperson?' You're the chairman, stop falling into this sex neutral left-wing politically correct nonsense. Words mean things, words suggest a lot about the person using the words. Don't ever forget that.

nleshelman said...


I will say more later. We currently have a Sabbath school program; but it is being tweaked.


What a mission statement! It is so anti-covenantal. Not necessarily in our church- but imagine some of the bizarre ideas that some people can put into their kids heads in the name of religious instruction.

As for chairperson.... I was just being obnoxious. : )

steveandjanna said...

It isn't the job of the church to educate children in scripture, it's the job of the kids father. Generally speaking, I oppose sunday school because of this. That and there's no mandate for it in scripture.

Steven and Crystal Carr said...


Zwingli's essay On the the Education of Youth wasn't written for the purposes you are stating, but I think that there are applicable principles for your program there.

Mark said...

I'm guessing you use Col. 3:16. somewhere in there. Just a hunch.

The best education in the church will acknowledge both grace and law. The heart should be the goal, not just outward conformity.

Robert said...

Whatever you do, please somehow try to communicate to the children that Christianity isn't a mythological faith -- that it's not about believing a series of statements, but living a life trusting in Jesus Christ's redemption.

Now, I have no idea how to do that, but please do it!

There's too many people who go through confirmation and then fall out of the church, and I think they miss the part where they are signing onto an adult faith.

DROLLORD said...



MarkPele said...

Steve, what's the particular concern with Sabbath School? There seems to be an indication (e.g. Acts 11) that there was church education happening outside the formal worship service.

Also, I want my daughter in Sabbath School, so it is indeed my choice. I find that there are people at our church that are much more gifted at teaching young children than I am, and I appreciate that the church has provided the opportunity.

My relationship with my parents was somewhat strained, and I was very thankful for other strong Christians in our denomination that reinforced the things that my parents taught me.

No one is going to excommunicate me if I decide that a different approach would be better. In fact, I'm sure that the church would encourage me in finding the best approach for my children, even if that approach involved not going to Sabbath School. My goal is that my children will have the best education possible. I'm not so bold as to say that I'm the best person to educate my children in every area of life. I absolutely need to direct their education, but that's different than feeling required to teach them everything.