11 August, 2007

Sabbath a'Brakel

In reference to your baptism, continually ask: Has Christ died for me? Has not His blood been shed for the washing away of my sins and unto my reconciliation with Thee? Art not Thou my Father and I thy child? Is not baptism a seal to me? Can this seal be broken? Of course not; thus the forgiveness of my sins, reconciliation with Thee, and all the benefits of the covenant of grace are my portion. I shall hold fast to this and thus will go my way with joy and courage. Strive to be exercised in this and it will greatly strengthen you that, without your knowledge, you have already been sealed in your infancy. Yield not to unbelief by being tossed to and fro continually, asking yourself: Am I regenerated, am I already a believer, and is baptism indeed a seal to me? How this will injure you and rob you of the efficacy of baptism (II: 521-522).


Mark said...

I wonder why you chose that bit this week... :)

MarkPele said...

Did he believe in baptismal regeneration?

Mark said...

Naw, it kind of ties into a discussion we were having the other night. Though maybe not as much as I initially thought, reading it again. Huh.

nleshelman said...

There was no connection between our conversation and this post...at least not consciously.

He did not believe in baptismal regeneration.

MarkPele said...

Drollord, I'm going to reply to you on my OpenDiary site: http://www.opendiary.com/MarkPele . I've allowed anonymous comments, so you can comment whether or not you are an OD member. :)