29 November, 2006

A True Friend Is an Honest Friend

Here is a good quote that Dr. Beeke shared with us today during Homiletics. The context was in giving application that is relevant for a minister's specific congregation. I think that this is to be something of what all true Christians are to experience in communion of the saints. When you look at the book of Proverbs on what it means to be a friend- it rings all the more true!

“The man that loves you the most is the man that tells you the most about yourself.”
- Robert Murray McCheyne


Anonymous said...

Very good quote. Have you ever read "Face to Face" by Steve Wilkins. He has a chapter or two expounding on this point. It's quite good, regardless of whether or not you think he's a heretic.

Nate said...


I actually have read it. It has been a long while, so I cannot recall the chapter.

I do read those 'Outside of the Camp'- There is much to be learned.