30 November, 2006

Pagan TV Attacks Sacred Things

The History Channel needs to double check its sources! They claim that days that many Christians hold dear are actually pagan!


Anonymous said...

Ah... gotta love the secular liberals. I wonder if they expect Christians to just cede the whole thing to Odin worshipers? Unless they're trying to accuse us of worshiping pagans, which is just plain absurd.

And if we're supposed to drop it because it used to be pagan, well... we'd all be in trouble, since we all used to be pagan, too.

Nate said...

Obviously the post was with tongue-in-cheek as most of you know my position on Christmass.

It is interesting though that despite History Channel and other non-Christian outlets showing the roots of these practices, so many Christians choose to ignore that history.

I know that most of my readers know the history and respond to it in various degrees, but there are many who choose to pretend like Christians have always done these things.

(I promise not to make the month of December the anti-Christmass month of blog posts, but I am sure there will be a couple.)

-BTW, The Synod of Dordt (before the famous one) at one time refused to allow the Dutch churches to participate in these holy days.

Anonymous said...

Guess what, the pagan channel is right! These holy days were originally pagan, and the church 'baptised' them in defiance of Scripture

Nate said...

I know Daniel. It was sarcasm.

James w. Lanning said...

Nate, Mark, we all need to combine our efforts in Christmass-bashing this year. If we pull together we can make a difference.

Notliberal said...

Bah humbug, I hate the invent season.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that the Synod of Dordt approved the church order of Dordt, which actively endorsed Christmas.

Regardless, it's obviously a matter of liberty. Just be careful when aligning yourself with the likes of the History Channel - your goal is the edification of the church, theirs is the destruction of Christianity. I agree that we shouldn't have our heads in the sand about this sort of thing, but there's a reason Christians ignore them.