27 November, 2006

The Reverend Jesse Jackson Speaks

The Reverend Jesse Jackson has called for Hollywood to stop using words that are
offensive to racial minorities.
Fine, good, great.
I call on Jesse Jackson to stop calling himself Reverend.
That title,
applied to his name,
is offensive to Christians.


Anonymous said...

I'll bet you wouldn't be saying that if he was white. Racist.

Now I'm tempted to buy the Seinfeld DVDs just to be contrary.

Anonymous said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

What is Jesse Jackson's theology?

Ze'ev said...

Jesse "Whose Your Daddy" Jackson is nothing more then a Self Serving Shakedown artist. A Crook and a Hypocrit of huge proportions. He himself is offensive to Christians, Jews and Even Atheists.

Penumbra said...

So, does that mean Jesse Jackson is calling on black folk in Hollywood, hip hop, and rap to stop using the words "nigger", "bitches", "hoes", and "crackers?" (I hope he'd be willing to include words that are offensive to racial majorities as well in his request)

Marc Driesenga said...

I do not condone Rev. Jackson and things he says. But if you claim that your blog is a "ministry", how do you justify putting a mugshot of him (or anyone else for that matter) up and allowing such negative discourse?

Although I'm not an expert in these matters, I'm not sure this is how Christians are called to act with people we disagree with, whether or not they claim to be speaking for Christians.

I'm saddened by many things Rev. Jackson has said because he claims to share the same faith I do, but my first response isn't (or shouldn't be) to malaciously slander him. Maybe we should earnestly pray for Rev. Jackson so that when he does speak, his words are apples of gold in settings of silver.

Maybe we should pray that same prayer for ourselves.

Why is it we, all of us, hold certain areas of of lives (family, worship) with such piety, yet our blogging falls outside of the sovereignty of Christ???

Nate said...


In my defense, I do attempt to bring my blogging under the Lordship of Christ, but there are times when I fail in my flesh.

As for this post, I do not think that what I have posted is out of line as Jesse Jackson has proven himself to be an enemy of the true church of Christ.

As for praying for him- you are right on- we should pray that he repents of his ways and turn to the Lord in fear.

We all need to do this and thank you for bringing it to our attention.

Anonymous said...

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