21 March, 2006

What Will Be Said At Your Funeral?

Then I saw the wicked buried; they used to go in and out of the holy place, and were praised in the city where they had done such things. This also is vanity.
RSV Ecclesiastes 8:10

The Preacher of Ecclesiastes has a lot to say to our age. In the text we see the funeral of a wicked man, a man who has not been converted to Jesus Christ; a man who refused to submit to Christ. The people at the funeral all speak highly of him- because that is what is done at funerals. The people are unaware of the true condition of his heart- wicked, evil, unconverted. This man's life is a lie and he in turn causes others to lie by praising him for his life. Friends, this too is vanity.

The Preacher of Ecclesiastes knew that the heart of the hypocrite, that has spent so much time in the house of God with the people of God, is now in hell for all of eternity. The Preacher calls all of us to see whether or not our faith is genuine. Do you really trust Christ alone through faith alone for salvation, or are you still trying to earn God's favor by good deeds such as going to the holy place. Friends, this is damnable, and it prove that your life too was lived in vanity.


Ellie said...

Ecclesiastes was one of the Books I completed today. I thought it was a beautiful read and felt God really talking to me. While I totaly trust God for salvation, it's harder to trust him on other issues I seem to think falsely that I have contol over. I confess to ongoing guilt about not making things happen according to my plan. It never ceases to amaze me how much more work I have to do in the area of faith. The strong willed, control freak characteristics are difficult to harness.

Notliberal said...

Umm, do we actually know who's in the box?

Mark said...

I've often heard that one of the worst jobs a minister can get is preaching at the funeral of a heathen. I don't envy that job in the least. Meanwhile, it's a healthy reminder to those of us who live in Christ to live lives that will not only glorify Christ but also be spoken well of when we die.