03 March, 2006

A Life Viewed Through Faith

By faith we believe that God is working all things to our good and to his glory. By faith we hold onto the promises of Scripture knowing that this world is not our home, knowing that we are mere pilgrims in this world, that we are seeking a city whose builder and maker is God. By faith we march on with confidence, knowing that which the Bible says is true. We believe by faith, we grow in grace by faith, we draw closer to the Lord Jesus Christ by faith. By faith we sit at the feet of Christ learning in his school. We seek more of the Spirit's wisdom by faith and we view the world around us by faith. By faith we are saved, and by faith Christ will carry us to glory upon our departure from this world. By faith we anticipate the dead raised, the world judged, and eternity with our God and our King.

"Faith, I may well say, is the mother of all graces; it conceives and brings them forth, and takes care to promote their growth; it contributes life to them at first, and causes them to thrive and flourish afterwards. With faith our meaner services meet with a cheerful and favorable acceptance; and without it, all the most pompous devotions and all the most tedious and painful mortifications that we could ever practice would be of no value in the sight of God."
- Timothy Rogers, 1691

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Mark said...

A potent reminder indeed... thanks.