14 December, 2005

A Trip to the Nunnery

"Why don't Reformed people have nuns and monks?" No man may vow to do anything forbidden in the Word of God, or what would hinder any duty therein commanded, or which is not in his own power, and for the performance whereof he hath no promise of ability from God. In which respects, popish monastical vows of perpetual single life, professed poverty, and regular obedience, are so far from being degrees of higher perfection, that they are superstitious and sinful snares, in which no Christian may entangle himself. (Westminster Confession 22.7)

Acts 23:12-14; Mark 6:26; Num. 30:5, 8, 12-1316. Matt. 10:11-12; I Cor. 7:2, 9; Heb. 13:4; Eph. 4:28; I Thess. 4:11-12; I Cor. 7:23

Discussion Points:
-Why were the Reformers so against these practices?
-Should be hold the same view as "modern Christians"?


Notliberal said...

See, I was really hoping for a return of the pig nun.

Penumbra said...

Where's the Pez dispenser nun?

Ex-Sister Maria (Von Trapp) said...

You have some kind of obsession with nuns.

Droll Flood said...

I did a post once on Monachists ('monks'). Here's an excerpt:

"Monkery Mockery"
Have you time, for my rhyme,
concerning monkery?
Truth not spurned, is truth learned,
and isn't a mockery.

"No evil reek, No evil speak,"
Says the pious monk.
saint benedict, was oh so strict,
saying hold your tongue.

In an abby, monks show savvy,
being wiser than God.
They’re celibate, and celibrate,
beating themselves with rods.

Condemn the world, Goods aside hurl,
monks are true esseens!
Forfit goods, for no good,
and abide in sins.

The Irony is, a monk is no wiz,
and still is of the world.
For all his walk, and lack of talk,
he into hell is hurled.

You now do know, to God now go,
to learn of righteousness.
Listen you not, to the monks' plots,
and such like pools of cess.

Notliberal said...

I'll tell you what, the darth vader nun is growing on me.

The Director said...

Steve, Pen, y'all are forgetting the supreme novelty nun item...

The BOXING nun.

Mark said...

We'll have nun of that!

Notliberal said...

har har hardy har har