12 December, 2005

Luther Hears of Zwingli's Death

Ulrich Zwingli is one of my favorite early Reformers. He was a first generation Reformer and was the founder of the Swiss Reformed Church. Zwingli was an advocate of Psalm singing, justification by faith alone, was a strict adherent to the regulative principle of worship, and was not afraid to fight for what he believed.

Zwingli, his sons, and his brother in law all died together in battle fighting for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When his wife had heard this news, she in Job-like fashion, said, "the Lord gives, the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord."

The famed German doctor on the other hand, had a much different reaction to the news of the death of Zwingli. (Let it be noted that Luther and Zwingli had known each other as well as corresponded) : Zwingli drew his sword. Therefore he has received the reward that Christ spoke of, "All who take the sword will perish by the sword [Matt 26.52]". If God has saved him, he has done so above and beyond the rule. -Table Talk, 1451


edwardseanist said...

Hmmm. Should we go to war for social political causes, and not battle for the Gospel? Is social oppression worse than heresy? I think these are some of the questions we should ponder before condemning those godly men who laid down thier lives.

Nate said...

I agree ESist. I think that Zwingli died a noble death fighting for the gospel of Christ. Today wars are fought only over temporal matters. Zwingli fought for the sake of Christ's kingdom.

Luther, as in many other places, was quite out of line here.

Rogers Meredith said...

That darn Luther! He drank and he believed in baptismal regeneration! Why would anyone pay to go see his movie?