20 December, 2005

Tis the Season III: Slappy Holidays

Not that this "Tis the Season" series has been the most edifying thing ever read on PRESBYTERIAN THOUGHTS, but it sure has been fun. Today's feature is from the cultural commentator, Gene Edward Veith. Although I disagree with his premise, it sure is a fun read. In Slappy Holidays he shows us how the real Saint Nicholas was a defender of the true and Nicene religion, and at one point slapped the infamous Arius in the face for being a heretic.

May heresy slapping Santas be found around the world this Christmass season...
slappin' those that celebrate Romish days! *Slap!*


Penumbra said...

Well, they've got the butt slapping down pat. Otherwise, I think you'll be sorely disappointed.

Ellie said...

Lets not get too "slap happy."