08 December, 2005

Christ as Savior, Christ as Judge

All men will have to reckon with the Lord Jesus Christ. All men will have to one day declare that Jesus Christ is the Lord. Some will bow willfully in this life, humiliating themselves before their only hope for salvation. Other men, also willful, will have to bow on bloody knees. They will have to bow to the Lord Jesus Christ after having been forced to declare his Lordship. All will declare that Christ is the Lord.

This is a very sobering thought for us as Christians, and one that should give us much evangelical zeal. Every Christian has a responsibility to present the Lord is all three of his offices:
1. Christ the Prophet
2. Christ the Priest
3. Christ the King.

One day he will return and we will have to give account for all that we have done in the flesh. It is my prayer that he says, "well done good and faithful servant." "Since then the gospel invites all to partake of salvation without any difference, it is rightly called the doctrine of salvation: for Christ is there offered, whose peculiar office is to save that which was lost; and those who refuse to be saved by him, shall find him a Judge."
John Calvin, Commentary on Romans 1:16.

Discussion Points:
-How are the three offices of Christ to be used in evangelism?
-Does the Christian have his sins revealed at judgment day?
-Why are the Reformed accused of not having "missionary hearts" when they have done more for missions than any other sector of Christianity?


Lyd said...

Answer to #2, YES.

Now you have a comment and your life can go on.

:O) I probably don't count though....

Anonymous said...

I think one of the reasons Reformed Christians get accused of not having a missionary mind is because of the misuunderstanding of predestination. Those who don't hold to this teaching think that Calvinist think that they do not have to do any Evagelism because God knows who he will save and who he will punish. This of course is wrong. The Bible clearly teaches predestination but also commands us to share the gospel with the lost.

Nate said...

Here is a first on this blog from me to Beth:


edwardseanist said...

Ill second that amen

Anonymous said...

Nate Sometimes I play devil's advocate just to make the discussion interesting. I'm in agreement with you more than you think I am.