15 September, 2008

A Sabbath School that Promotes Family Worship?

The education committee of First Reformed Presbyterian Church has organized a new Sabbath School program that is intended to promote family and individual worship, a holistic view of the Scriptures, Catechism memorization, as well as Scripture memorization.

There will be bulletin inserts every Lord's Day that give that week's Scripture, Catechism and a Psalter for singing. Of course, we cannot bind individual consciences to follow this program (even though family worship is a biblical requirement), we have decided that this new program will prove to be advantageous.

This Sabbath School program will have the participating families read through the whole of the Scriptures in a four year cycle (with the New Testament being read twice in that four year cycle). The Shorter Catechism will be gone through four times in that cycle.

If you would like to follow First RP in this new adventure, check here for weekly downloads. Let us know what you think as well!


Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff Nathan.

Tim said...

What a great idea! Any problems with another church "borrowing" the idea? :)

Nathan Eshelman. Living a life unto the glory of Jesus Christ. said...


Other churches are free to use them, they just cannot publish them for profit. They are copyrighted by First RP, Grand Rapids.

We were hoping that others would get on board though! Enjoy.