03 September, 2008

God's Word Will Take Tens of Thousands of Years to Mine

God wrote 66 short books and it will take the Church tens of thousands of years to speak to the glory of what was written. Think of John's words on how writing down the works of Christ would fill the earth with books. We serve a great God who has given us just what we need in His Word. Abraham Piper reminds us that:
If you compare the length of his complete works to the breadth of his subject matter, God’s the most concise author ever. (link)


Jeff said...

...and no end of books attempting to explain God's word, many of which are likely dead wrong. Concise, according to Webster, is "free from all elaboration and superfluous detail." I'm not sure that word even makes sense when discussing the bible. First, there's plenty of repetition in God's word. Can that be considered concise? Certain books could be considered the very definition of "elaboration."

Anonymous said...

Aren't we to pray "that the kingdom of glory may be hastened"? (WSC 102) "Tens of thousands of years?" Hyperbole?


Nathan Eshelman. Living a life unto the glory of Jesus Christ. said...


We do pray that God's kingdom be hastended, but that does not tell us how long this world will be in existence. Plus, I am sure that we will be mining the depths of the Word of God for all of eternity- so tens of thousands of years may be hyperbole, but it is a drastic understatement if anything.

BTW, do you have a last name?

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Anonymous said...

Jackson :)