25 September, 2008

Devotion to the Church, Psalter 350

With joy I heard my friends exclaim,
Come, let us in God's temple meet;
Within thy gates, O Zion blest,
Shall ever stand our willing feet.

How beautiful doth Zion stand,
A city built compact and fair;
The people of the Lord unite
With joy and praise to worship there.

They come to learn the will of God,
To pay their vows, His grace to own,
For there is judgment's royal seat,
Messiah's sure and lasting throne.

For Zion's peace let prayer be made;
May all that love thee prosper well;
Within thy walls let peace abide,
And gladness with thy children dwell.

For sake of friends and kindred dear,
My heart's desire is Zion's peace,
And for the house of God, the Lord,
My loving care shall never cease.


An Eshelman said...

It is the United Presbyterian Psalter's rendition of Psalm 122.

backwoodspresbyterian said...

There is 350 Psalms?


backwoodspresbyterian said...

Thanks Nathan.

Nathan Eshelman. Living a life unto the glory of Jesus Christ. said...

That is one of the annoying things about older Psalters. I think was the 1950 edition of the RP Psalter that first solved the problem by giving the Psalm number and a letter to show the stanzas.

The UP Psalter is quite annoying with this because it has the Psalm number- 122, the selection number- 350, and a page number!!

It is confusing for people who are just starting to use the book- but becomes second nature after a bit.

Andrew Duggan said...

The 1950 RPCNA Psalter still used page numbers, but the Psalm number itself was prominent. That's the edition my church uses. It was the 1973 RPCNA Psalter that came up with the Psalm # letter as in 98A, 145C etc.

Plus the 1973 Psalter does a better job in representing the name of God then previous, insofar as when the word LORD is substituted for God's name, it is rendered in all CAPS like the KJV and other do. That was not the case in the 1950 Psalter or previous. FWIW though I think it's better to render Jehovah than even LORD. Why we want to continue the error of the Jews is beyond me.

It has always seemed to me that the RPCNA Psalters have been far superior to the UPCNA Psalters. But then the UPCNA was apostate by 1958 when it joined the PCUSA.