18 September, 2008

Christian Hospitality on a Congregational Level

The art of Christian hospitality is something that is to be performed by all in the church as well as the in the meetings of the church. Many have the misconception that hospitality is mostly hosting people from your church for meals and fellowship. Of course, this is part of hospitality, but it is not the whole of it. The Greek word that stands behind our word hospitality actually has the connotations of 'loving strangers'. That means that the central focus of Christian hospitality needs to be 'the stranger in our midst'; much more so than our Christian friends who are within our comfort zone. I will be the first to admit that I have failed at times in this aspect of hospitality. I will fail again- but with God's grace we move on.

But the central question today: Is your church hospitable? Does your church feel warm and welcoming to visitors? Does the love of Christ get demonstrated in tangible ways? Truthfully, even if a visitor does not remember one word of the sermon, does not remember one word of the congregational prayer, does not remember one word from one song, if they felt welcomed and loved... they will come back.

Read this pastor's experience while visiting a church in another city.


Steven Carr said...

What kind of liberal, evangeloopical, pietistical garbage is this???? Errr...okay so it's in the bible...sigh...

karl said...

Totally agree with you.