19 July, 2007

Thomas Boston as a Mentor

Mrs. Lanning, my pastor's wife, has assigned a book for me to read as a part of my internship under her husband. I have been asked to read the Memoirs of Thomas Boston as a way to get a feel for what real ministry is like.

So far, I have seen pain and suffering as well as the occasional high point. Above all, I have seen the desire to please God above all things. I hope that in many ways, my ministry can reflect that of Mr. Boston's. Thankfully though, my upcoming presbytery exams will not be like Boston's- his were in Latin and Greek!

One quote that was helpful concerned how many Christians get caught up into things indifferent. Boston always fought against that and only tried to fight for that which was eternal and obvious revealed truth. We must always have the honor of Christ in mind when dealing with such things, and many Christians (including myself at times) are willing to go to war over ideas that are not worth dividing over according to the Scriptures.

I might not mix quarrels on my private interest with those I was engaged in for the honor of God. And this principle I have all along in the course of my ministry, aimed to walk by.
Memoirs, Thomas Boston, p.25

I am looking forward to finishing the book- as well as working through the rest of the works of Boston!

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Ohe iam satis said...

Adiaphora or things of lower priority or things of no or little edification or doubtful things. Or a shot of each which would make a potent drink, making a man drunk...