01 July, 2007

The Faith Once Delivered

The Faith Once Delivered is a new book commemorating the life and work of Dr. Wayne Spear of RPTS. The book is a compilation of writing from authors on various aspects of the Westminster Standards and their implications for Reformed Christians. I have read, From Popery to Principle: Covenanters and the Kingship of Christ by David McKay this evening. The article was very scholastic yet readable. It was also very honest about some of the changes that have occured in the last 400+ years of Covenanterism in regards to the kingship of Jesus Christ. I would recommend this article alone as a great introduction to Presbyterianism or a refresher in Covenanter history. I look forward to reading the rest of the book.

Trivia question: What is the literary term for a collection of essays that are written in honor of someone?


Lane Keister said...


Nathan said...

Well, Lane is a little smarty.

Rob said...

Heh - I had the answer too, though as soon as I saw there were two comments I knew I would not be the first to answer.