01 July, 2007

Sabbath a'Brakel: While Seated at the Lord's Table...

While sitting at the table, consider yourself as being seated in the brightness of an open heaven, shedding forth its light upon the table and all seated guests--and thus also upon you. Consider yourself to be in the presence of God your heavenly Father, and Christ your Bridegroom. Sink away in your insignificance and let a childlike awe and reverence arise in your soul, while saying, "Surely the LORD is in this place....This is none other but the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven" (Gen. 28:16-17). Be observant and do not fear, for the Lord has determined to bestow much grace upon you in Christ. Remain steadfast in the faith, and glorify God in His grace and Christ for the perfection of His atonement (II: 591).

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