13 February, 2007

W Melancthon Glasgow

For those interested, the republication of W Melancthon Glasgow's History of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in America is going very well. I was required to have 50 purchase agreements before it could go to press, in less than one week, I have 51! I was expecting a few months before I would have 50.

As far as his biography, that is not going as well. It seems that he was a bit biographically-shy. I have not been able to acquire a lot of information, but I have some good leads. Since he died in Philadelphia, PA, I have my good friend Rev. Lanning helping me on that aspect of his life. I have have some more contacts to make as well as piles of the old Covenanter magazine to pursue (Calvin's Theological Librarian, Paul Fields, is a former RP). I have also shared some wonderful emails and phone conversations with pastors and scholars that are excited about this work.

And on a side note, those interested in RP history will be glad to know that Rev. James Faris of Southfield is blogging their history now too.


Droll Flood said...

You're (re)publishing a book? Have you said anything about this before this post?

Robbie said...

like a said something before - check with RPTS, they have a massive archive of RPCNA history.

Robbie said...

another thing... the RPCNA has kept character sketchees of all her ministers... RPTS would definately have one, or Geneva College... another thing you might want to do is contact the church historian or Tom Reid at RPTS for more info...

so what is this dust jacket going to look like?

Nate said...

I have contacted Tom Reid as well as Dr. Delivuk. I have also contacted the Presbyterian Historical Society and the Philadelphia Presbytery from the PC(USA).

We will see.

As for the cover- We are hoping to have some pics of old congregations but nothing is in stone.