26 February, 2007


Members and Friends of the Associate Reformed Church of Grand Rapids : we have a meeting with delegates from the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America to discuss joining this historic denomination. Please remember to come and to have questions in hand.

The sign reads:

Reformed Presbyterian Church (Paxtang). In 1721, near this site, America's first Reformed Presbyterian Church was organized of believers who had suffered in Scotland and Ireland "for Christ's crown and covenant."

Also, the first presbytery of the Church was formed here in 1774.

200 years later at Paxtang, reformed presbyterians gathered to reaffirm his kingship.


Nate said...

This is in Paxtang, Pennsylvania. Any guesses on why we are learning the tune 'Paxtang' during prayer meetings?

Mark said...

Tickets are $8, $5 for children. Alcohol sales stop after the seventh inning stretch.

Notliberal said...

If anything it should be interesting.

Robbie said...

who are the delegates?

tam said...

hey just a question i would have. what do the rp'ers have to say about ppl practicing "ho ho","xmass" etc, even in private?

David McCrory said...

Why are you looking to leave the ARP?


Nate said...


Dr. Blackwood, Rev. Magill, Rev. Faris, Elder Hughes, Elder Curtis

It went GREAT! I am being sent the mp3 if you would like a copy.

We are leaving the ARP for a few reasons. The first is that we have a Reformational view of worship that has been given up on in the ARP.
There are some other reasons as well, some practical, some theological- but we still have to vote as a congregation, so I speak with soft steps.

Nate said...


Private sins are to remain private.


I know that the denomination does not discipline for private xmass observance- they put it in the realm of liberty of conscience for each home.

Notliberal said...

Nate, we are not leaving the ARP yet. The Congregation hasn't voted yet, we've barely gotten to know the denomination as a group yet. You really shouldn't jump to such conclusions.

Lydia said...

WE are leaving the ARP regardless of what our particular church does.

Nate said...

But these would be the reasons for leaving the ARP; and that was the point of our meeting last night.

Nate said...


We are leaving the denomination because of the fact that I am going to be a minister and the ARP would be against my conscience to join as a minister. To say WE are leaving must be qualified.

Also, by saying soft steps, I assume people realize that I do not mean that this is a 'done deal'. The Lord will build his Church despite what we decide.

Lydia said...

I assumed that NL knows why we would be leaving.

Lydia said...

NL- What does "barely gotten to know the denomination as a group yet" mean? Just looking for clarification. Do you know the ARPs as a group yet?

Notliberal said...

I thought the point of the meeting was to get to know the RPCNA. This issue isn't ARP vs RPCNA, the issue is what's best for our church right now.

Nate said...

For the record:

I speak for me, my wife, and my children. I do not speak on behalf of my session or any other member or adherant of our congregation. I can only give MY reasons for wanting to leave the ARP. The rest can be directed towards the session or others.


David McCrory said...

Nate you say, "I am going to be a minister and the ARP would be against my conscience to join as a minister"

Why would being a minister in the ARP go against your conscience? Would they we compelling you to do something you consider sinful?

Nate said...


I would be more than willing to discuss this over email. I do not feel comfortable discussing this in a public forum since I do not want my reasons to be misunderstood as my whole congregation's point-of-view.

The RPW is the largest factor though.