24 February, 2007

Puritan Seminary According to the Grand Rapids Press

Grand Rapids Press ran a religion section article on Puritan Seminary today. It is actually quite well done. Charles Honey is the religion editor and from what I hear, he is a member of Fountain Street Church.

Maybe some mainstream media can keep their biases to themselves. Of course, we all know that there is no neutrality.


Robbie said...

Grand Rapids has everything from Rob Bell, emerging church, to Beeke, Confessional... and everything in between INCLUDING liberalism...

i am glad to hear that the news did a decent job

Nate said...

The paper had an article about Rob Bell RIGHT next to it and how he is one of the 10 most influential Christians in the world. (Joel Osteen is #1 if that helps you to make a judgment on their definitions!)

You are right, Grand Rapids has everything.. even one teeny tiny Confessional Presbyterian Church that sings Pslms without acompaniment.

Maybe you should reconsider PRTS.. we would LOVE to have you... I'll give you a dollar?

Nate Dawson said...


I'm studying under a man named Dr. Tom Holland in Wales. If you are not already, I wanted to make you aware of his book, Contours in Pauline Theology.


nate dawson