05 February, 2007

Scot's Worthies For the Car or Kitchen

I have mentioned this book before. I think that it is a worthy book to read for all who love church history, but especially those who are Presbyterian. Most of us have no idea from where we have come, nor the pains that men and women have gone through to secure our goodly heritage.

Well here is what you have been waiting for! If you do not want to drop $37.99 on the book, you can get it for free online (print it at Kuyper College- tell them you are friends of the De Vos family [its a joke, settle down]).

If you cannot stand to read off of the warm blink of a monitor, and refuse to print it for good reasons, and still will not drop $37.99 on the book- have someone read it to you!

I am including links for the book as well as for the mp3. Burn them onto a disk and listen to them while driving, cleaning, or cooking for your loving husband (or wife in NL's case). Take the time to learn some Presbyterian history- even if you are Dutch Reformed (a'Brakel wrote letters to some of these men).


Mark said...

C'mon, Nate - we all know that Dutch Reformed history is the only church history that really matters. Anything else is just trivia.

It does look like a pretty cool resource, though.

Nate said...

Dutch church history is just as exciting as England and Scotland's history.. its just the names are so different that it makes it harder to follow!

London or Edinburgh vs. Appledojornenstadtmaken.... hmmm....
I will stick the Presbyterian history.

(We have a great series at the seminary on Dutch 2nd Reformation history. It is by Pastor Pronk from the Free Reformed Church. I guess that he is one of the top scholars and has translated TONS into English for us losers who refuse to learn Dutch.)

Highland Host said...

One for your vacation (if you can save up the money). John Howie's farmhouse at Lochgoin still contains the museum mentioned in the foreword (although the banner's now in Fenwick Church). A couple of years back I went up there on my vacation. They also have Howie's library.

Free books are one thing, however the full hardcover Banner edition (or even an older edition) is far better.
But then at seminary I was accused of liking only old, brown, Scots books.

Robbie said...

or could buy the cheap paperback version that is published by another company :-) It has a very good binding

Deejay said...

Oh, this is Great! i didn't know this was at sermon audio, and already having enough reading on the burner the mp3's will do me fine.


Highland Host said...

Well, you COULD buy a cheap paperback, I suppose

Robbie said...

while paperbacks are borderline scrap paper, they do help the cheap ministerial student who is still in college :-) Plus i would rather write in a paperback and not a beautiful hardcover