07 December, 2006

Salt Losing Saltiness

Some churches will lose their saltiness and cease from being churches at all. Some turn into social clubs, some become cults, and others become part of the false church led by Anti-Christ. We should pray for the well-being of our churches. We should pray that she aims to regain the attainments she once had as well as be relevant to her current cultural surrounding. The burden of the church should be on the heart of all true believers.

“It follows, also, from the very nature of the visible Church and its condition in this world, that its purity is a matter of degree, varying at different times and in different sections. The teaching of Scripture as to the nature of the kingdom under the present dispensation (Matt. xiii.), the nature of man yet imperfectly sanctified, and the universal experience of the churches, lead us to the conclusion that the very purest churches are yet very imperfect, and will continue so to the end, and that some will become so corrupt as to lose their character as true churches of Christ altogether.” -AA Hodge, The Confession of Faith

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