28 December, 2006

Edwards Speaks to the Post-Modern Church

I love reading our fathers and coming across a quote that speaks to our day and age. The churches that claim the Reformation heritage has removed many of their landmarks. They are slowly (more or less) losing their identity as Reformed churches. Pray that the Lord revives those who claim a goodly heritage.

What a dead and barren time has it now been, for a great while, with all the churches of the Reformation? The golden showers have been restrained; the influences of the Spirit suspended; and the consequence has been that the gospel has not had any eminent success. Conversions have been rare and dubious; few sons and daughters have been born to God; and the hearts of Christians not so quickened, warmed, and refreshed under the ordinances, as they have been.

-Jonathan Edwards


Joe Schelling said...

Are you speaking of the CRC, RCA or other churches?

Daniel Ritchie said...

Nice to see you have a blue banner on your sidebar.

Nate said...


I am speaking of all churches. I even speak to the barrenness of my own heart that I fight against.

We are in a sad time. The RCA and the CRC are no exceptions, but our own churches are not without this disease either.