13 December, 2006

The Immediate Future

My semester is winding down, which feels nice for awhile. Here is what is left:
  • I have one take home exam for Experiential preaching that I have to complete by Monday.
  • I have a Bernard of Clairvaux paper that I just need to edit and then turn in.
  • I have to finish a sermon that I am writing on I John 3.1-3.

When I am finished I have a few things that I am really looking forward to:


puritanismtoday said...

You will enjoy the book by Nisbet Moore, the first half (history) reads quite quickly but to profit from the latter half (doctrine and sermon outlines) you really need to slow down. After it you will want to read the works of Andrew Gray, a truly remarkable man.

Lydia said...

You forgot to add that you look forward to completing (fully) the "Honey to Do List." ;)

Nate said...

Let's not go that far.

wraezor said...

Nisbet Moore managed to slide in a few negative comments about them, unfortunately. Thinking that perhaps they were a bit too extreme or stubborn in their principles. That was the one downside for me. I did find the second half more interesting though (as there are better books on strictly the history side).

Anonymous said...

And convert you to Brogger Beta... we've really got to get you on board with that.

Good luck with your finals.

Highland Host said...

You have quite a treat with Nisbet Moore. And if you already have 'Scots Worthies' and Smellie's 'Men of the Covenant', you won't go far wrong.

By the way, the church shown on the cover is still there (in Newmilns), and still preaching the Gospel.

Daniel Ritchie said...

Our Covenant Heritage is a very good book, all the best for your exam and preaching