03 December, 2006

Sabbath a'Brakel: Temperment Test

Take to heart what manner of person you are before God and what will befall you due to this.

(1) Do you have such an even-tempered and stable disposition of heart when people maltreat you in word and deed?

(2) Or do you have a cross, fretful, and irritable nature? Do you have as many spines as a porcupine does, or are you as prickly as a bush of thorns, so that one cannot be in your presence without being pricked? (IV: 84-85).


Anonymous said...

This is an interesting question, and one that's hard to answer absolutely. After all, we all have soft spots that we tend to get prickly over. Still, we should obviously all aim to be generally defined as (1), even if we occasionally stumble into (2).

James w. Lanning said...

we should all add a' to our last names like Wilhelmet a'Broccoli. James a'Lanning, Nathan a'Eshelman... it's catchy.