03 July, 2006

Radio Talk Shows and the Magistrate

Many American Christians would rather receive their political doctrines from radio pundits than from the Word of God. The Word of God makes clear what a magistrate is to look like as well as some of the functions of the magistrate.

For those who find a biblical harmony between the Bible and radio talk-shows, may this latest news from the 'Christian right' and so-called 'moral majority' leader remind us that our hope is not to be in man, but in the Son of Man. May the magistrate reward those who do good and punish those who do evil.


Anonymous said...

And what about all those who find biblical harmony in federal government's micro-managment of the lives of the people? Certainly the government is to be obeyed for they are the minister of Christ, but let's not make the mistake that we should look to the government to tell us what is good. The standard of good is God (as revealed in scripture), not the caprice of the government. What percentange of those who are in prisons are there for things that weren't even illegal 103 years ago? Do you know? Do you care? Can you show from scripture that opium is inherently evil?

Penumbra said...

Nate, I've gotta go with anonymous here. Show me where the government's extravagent spending on the "war on drugs" with taxpayer dollars, and overzealous regulations is biblical.

I wouldn't even call Rush a leader of the "Christian Right" or the "moral majority." Who's doing the "so-calling" anyway?

Notliberal said...

Like it or not, Limbaugh is a representative of the Christian right even though he appears not to be a believer.

My question is this, why does Limbaugh need Viagra pills? He's thrice divorced and currently not married. What does he need these pills for?