08 July, 2006

The New Bible Code and Colon Cleansing Revealed!

DaVinci Code eat your heart out! We have topped your claims in the realm of the ridiculous:

I think that so many people use the Bible to promote their own ridiculous ideas. This guy claims that if you look at the miracles associated with food in the Bible then you can be healed of various diseases. I am sure that there is some truth the idea of whole foods, etc. but he takes a miraculous jump when he talks about how these foods are really just a secret-Bible-code for a colon cleaning.


Benny Hinn's wife talks about a different type of colon cleaning. She claims that we all need "Holy Ghost enemas" because we are man pleasers.

You have to watch this video!


gretchenjohnson said...

Forget the Holy Ghost enema, get that woman some Holy Albuterol Stat.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, forget the Albuterol, give her some heavy dosages of Haldol and Ativan. Yikes.