14 July, 2006

On Evangelicalism

That only is true evangelicalism in which sounds clearly the double confession that all the power exerted in saving the soul is from God, and that God in His saving operations acts directly upon the soul.
~B.B. Warfield


ladylipsy said...

Question - on a survey one could fill in a bubble by the label "Protestant" or "Evangelical," among other Christian subdivisions. Which would you fill out? Or is that a ridiculous division made up by people obsessed with labelling people?

Nate said...

I prefer Reformed.

Not that any label is sufficient.

Evangelical means Reformed-Protestant in Europe.

Here it is more anti-Confessional.

Protestant usually means Mainline...ie, Lutheran, Episcopalian, Methodist, etc.

Even Christian...what does that mean these days. Labels have meaning and they lose meaning. What do you do?

Anonymous said...

"Euangelion":Good news

I hardly could call leaving something for me to do in any form good news. Willing to Christ is a fruit of what Christ did. Apart from His death and resurrection, we'd be still dead in Adam's/our sin.