02 January, 2007

Used Book Sale

Baker Book House, my place of employment while I was at Calvin College, is having a huge used book sale. In my 10 years in Grand Rapids I have never seen them budge one red cent on the price of their overly-priced used books.

They are having a 20% off sale now until the 13th of January. Today my family packed up the Mountaineer and headed with my list of wants and desires. I found four books that I have been looking for, two of which are replacements for loaned books.

Help to Domestic Happiness by James Angell James
Shepherding God's Flock by Jay E. Adams
Today's Gospel by Walter Chantry (I used to have 5 at a time on hand and give this one out- I had none left.)
Signs of the Apostles by the same author.

All of these books were well under $30. Good deal, and yes, I have already added them to my librarything.


Penumbra said...

I remember finding a hardback of Theonomy in Christian Ethics when it was out of print for $8 in the used book section. Good deals could be had even without the sale!

Nate said...

I have gotten some good sales there. Usually the stuff is way over priced: any of the StillWater reprints go for $40-50, which is twice what you can get them from SWRB.com for. All Puritan books are over priced as well because they are hot in the book market right now.

I have gotten a few good sales though, but I imagine that a hardcover Bahnsen would be $30-50!

Rick B. said...

Thanks for this heads-up! I don't think I would have known otherwise.
Half of my library is either from Baker's used - or the old Kregel's used...I miss Kregel's used store.

Carolena said...

Keep up the good work.