29 January, 2007

John Brown on the Catechism

Questions and Answers on the Shorter Catechism by John Brown of Haddington has just been republished by Reformation Heritage Books. John Brown was an Associate Presbyterian in Scotland and brings much insight into the Word of God through this style of 'catechising on the catechism'. This book has not been republished since 1846.

This book will prove to be extremely valuable to pastors, teachers, and all those who want to know the Scriptures better, the Catechism better, and Christ better. Each answer in this book is heavily supported by Scripture. Following the 'proof-texts' will prove to be a valuable Bible study in itself.


Mark said...

John Brown.

Right. Like that's his real name.

Nate said...

I know that is a problem. John Brown has to be followed by 'of Haddington'.

I would love to see someone to a PhD in which they separate all of those JBs!

Highland Host said...

John Brown of Haddington was the father of a great dynasty of John Browns. So the John Brown who wrote the commentaries republished by the Banner of Truth was the grandson of John Brown of Haddington.
That John Brown was known as John Brown of Broughton Place.

My own ancestry contains several John Browns. I believe John Brown is the Scots equivalent of the English John Smith.