08 October, 2006

A Sabbath a'Brakel Call to Self-Denial

A person who does not deny self:
(1) is a slave of his lusts, makes that which is of the world his portion, and insists that his lusts be satisfied at any cost.
(2) entertains great thoughts about himself.
(3) has this proud disposition of the heart engendering a desire to be honored and perceived as such.
(4) has himself in mind when he is or intends to be in presence of people.
(5) takes careful notice of what everyone says of him.
(6) will immediately be displeased at heart if, in his estimation, he is not loved, served, and revered according to his wishes.
(7) is envious of others if they receive more love and honor, and do more business than he does.
(8) becomes sorrowful and despondent if others do not fulfill his desires.
(9) will be a zealous Christian in the realm of religion, as long as he can gain love, honor, and profit--yes, he even wants to be counted among the most orthodox (III: 404-405).

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