12 October, 2006

Preaching at Southfield RPCNA

Please pray for us as we travel to Southfield Reformed Presbyterian Church this weekend.

Nathan will be preaching both services and hopes that the Lord blesses the people of Southfield through the preaching of the Word. I am quite excited to have the opportunity to preach in such an historical church in Michigan's history. (This church is older than our state!)

Pray also that as we get to know these brothers and sisters in Christ bridges will be built to further the kingdom of God in Christ. Pray for us.

*It was also brought to our attention that Rev. Rick Miller of Dutton United Reformed Church had a stroke this week. Pray for him, his family, and his congregation as they work through this tragic event.


Anonymous said...

We'll be praying for ya, bro. Sad news about Rev. Miller - he's awfully young to be going through this. I hear he's having a rough go of things, so we'll certainly be praying for a speedy recovery.

Notliberal said...

Wait, I'm seeing double. Have fun in Southfield and swipe a few of the good RPCNA psalters for your neighbors.

Ze'ev said...

There is a nice Jewish Neigborhood there too.

Good Kosher Deli, on Greenfield I believe. Have a safe trip.

MarkPele said...

Looks a little different than that picture now