16 October, 2006

Dark Corners of the Soul

One of the great dangers of those who claim faith in Christ is not living in a way that reflects what one believes. Often people who have some theological knowledge are deceived in that they do not live in a way that reflects the grace of God that they claim. This is a very serious error for which each Christian needs to be on guard.

As we study the Scriptures and as we read sound theological books that encourage us and spur us on to greater godliness; we need to search out our own heartsand minds for the sin of hypocrisy. Each one of us have those dark little corners of our heart and mind that still need to be crucified and brought under the discipleship of Christ.

Let us live unto Christ, out of gratitude, for all that he has done and be careful to live out that which we profess.

"A man may be theologically knowing and spiritually ignorant."


Anonymous said...

Great post, Nate. It's all too easy to fall into behavior that's completely contrary to God's law, and to have no idea that we're doing it. It's an awful, terrible feeling to realize our sin, but thankfully we don't get to heaven on our own obedience.

Anonymous said...

So true, yet so hard.

MarkPele said...

I'm a bit annoyed that you put links to Heritage Hill on your website. I've seen these historic districts, and they are nothing more than an excuse for the government to tell you how to live your life. If the government wants to preserve properties, then they should buy them at a fair price and restore them themselves. Not to mention having nosy neighbors who are going to turn you in at the drop of the hat - over neon curtains, a "non-historic" paint job or even growing new-fangled flowers.

Nate said...

Why thanks Mark! I am glad that you enjoyed THE POST!!! :)

The people that live in Heritage Hill live there because they want to live there- the government is not forcing them to- they do it because THEY want to preserve these homes.

My wife and I would live there if we made enough money (and if it was the right house).

Droll Flood said...

-Doctrine will dictate the way you live, period. We must proclaim the ends to which God ordained His doctrine, Scripturally governed.

-Regarding the Heritage Hill comment, it sounds like from where I come: Alameda, California. If you want to change the paint color of your house, you need to run it by your neighbors. Or the neighborhood association thing that is popular in West Michigan. I'm not really big on that type of thinking, so I don't associate with them, let alone pay an association fee. However I'm not against beautiful houses or neighborhoods. But Markpele does have a point regarding neighbor-busy bodies. In California, if they don't like your house color, be assured, they'll sue you.

Nate said...

Doctrine does dictate the way that we live in a perfect Christian- but we know that we continue to struggle with sin until the day that we die and are glorified.

The sad part is that even the most godly of Christian still struggles with the flesh and will make decisions (in mind or in action) out of it.

Our call to Christian discipleship is to DAILY take up our cross and to follow Him.

Droll Flood said...

"A man may be theologically knowing and spiritually ignorant."

-Would you then maintain a person to be spiritually knowing and theologically ignorant?

"perfect Christian-"
"but we know that we continue to struggle with sin until the day that we die and are glorified."